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Liz Gabay

The pilgrimage got off to a great start approximately 3:10 pm at Assumption Church. This is exactly when I got off the bus in front of the Cornwall Avenue entrance so my timing was perfect.
There was a substantial group of people (I don't have an official count) and it took us 1.5 hours to walk the 3 miles or so to Sacred Heart. Because of the pleasant company and conversation, the walk seemed shorter. Conversations in both English and Spanish could be heard along the way, as we passed through the business streets in Bellingham, along the blackberry bushes on the boulevard (which provided a sweet and juicy snack), and then past beautiful gardens on South Hill.
At the end of the trip I left the group and walked another two miles home.
Good luck to the walkers in the next two weeks! May every leg of the journey be as pleasant as the first one.

Mary Helene Mele

Thank you, Liz! It was wonderful to be in your company. We did move out faster than expected, but I stayed behind until 3:30 to sweep up any who came at 3:30. Thanks to cell phones (!) they were able to join the larger group and I swept alone.

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