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Mary H. Mele

I just had a discussion with my neighbor about immigration reform (she asked where Nick was and I told her - walking to Tacoma to pray for immigration reform) and her first response," This is not an issue I agree with. We shouldn't be protecting these people; they're breaking the law." and so we had a good discussion, which concluded with us agreeing that the system is broken. "We have to fix it," I said. "Yes, she replied,"but not you and I."

And that response is exactly the problem.

Gerry Coleman

So you're neighbor is, what? Lummi? ;) More and more, the phrase "these people" grates on me. I understand the psychology of distancing, for sure, after 20+ years in the criminal justice system, but I never quite get used to it.

I admire you two (and the others whom I don't know) so much for doing this. I think it's just amazing and crazy and wonderful and hopeful and huge (and not, at the same time). Be the change, and all that.

I have struggled to find words that express this without sounding patronizing. At first, I typed that I am proud of you, which I am, totally. And proud of me for being able to call you my friends. You rock!

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